The Birdtown Half Marathon

Race Day is Saturday, May 16th, 2020


2020/05/16 08:00:00

The Birdtown Races


Start Time

8:00 AM

Through 1/31


Through 4/16


Through 5/18


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Start Time

8:20 AM

Through 1/31


Through 4/16


Through 5/18


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Start Time

8:40 AM

Through 1/31


Through 4/16


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Start Time

10:00 AM


Through 4/16


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The Birdtown Half Marathon

The Three Rivers Park District Foundation and Three Rivers Park District are teaming up with the Birdtown Half Marathon race in Robbinsdale!

The goal of the partnership is to promote and grow the successful race and invest back into local parks and programs.

The Three Rivers Park District, which currently presents four signature races per year, will now help promote the Birdtown Half Marathon. In addition, the Three Rivers Park District Foundation will serve as the fiscal agent for the event. Proceeds raised from the race will now benefit the Three Rivers Park District Foundation, which in turn, will invest back into parks and programs in Robbinsdale. These investments will include expanding access to adapted programs for persons with disabilities including seniors, veterans and youth.

Race FAQs

Q: What is the weather policy?

A: All race distances will occur rain or shine.

Rain: The event will NOT be cancelled due to rain unless the downpour is such that athletes, police, and volunteers lose visibility or there is a threat of flash flooding, making situations unsafe. If this occurs we will wait until the rain subsides and follow the same procedure listed for lightning conditions (minus the 30 minute rule). Athletes will be informed of such a change via announcements on race morning. Information will also be available on our website, Facebook, and by email.

Lightening: In the event of lightning the race will be postponed by 30 minutes every time lightning is spotted and thunder is heard within 6 miles of the event. Please note that every time lightning strikes and thunder is heard within 6 miles of any part of the race course, we must restart the timing of 30 minutes increments. We will be working closely with a local police to make these determinations.

If we are able to begin the race by 9:00am (2 – 30 minute delays) the race will go on as planned. If we are unable to begin the race by 9:00am (1 hour delay), we will need to cancel the race. This is based on city and police requirements.

Tornado Warning: If at anytime before (race morning close to start time) or during the event, a tornado warning is issued, the race will be cancelled.

On Course Cancellation: If the race is canceled due to storms (lightning and/or excessive rain) or tornado warnings while it is in progress we will do everything in our power to alert everyone on the course. Race officials will immediately communicate with police, who will immediately begin doing all they can to warn participants and volunteers and direct them to safety. We will do everything in our power to assist those who are still on course. If you see lightning during the race, you should seek immediate shelter via open stores, buildings, garages, homes and/or any other means of protection from the dangerous conditions. If it gets bad and we are not there to help you off the course please do everything you can to keep yourself safe and take shelter. Again, if you are told by a race official or police officer to reroute and take shelter during the race, know that the race has been officially cancelled.

Because of agreements with the Robbinsdale Police Department and North Memorial Emergency Response Personnel regarding a fixed amount of time to have roads in use or the time commitment of public safety or law enforcement officials, The Birdtown Race Committee, at any time, reserves the right to shorten the distance of any of its races to comply, especially in dealing with inclement weather conditions that may make any course unavailable or unsuitable for runner participation. We have the safety of our participants, volunteers, police and medical personnel as our top priority.

Please be aware that if weather conditions prevent race staff and volunteers from completing set up in a timely manner, the race may also be delayed.

If the need for a cancellation arises, please be reminded that there will be no refunds of registration fees. We appreciate your understanding.

Q: Are there road closures on the course?

A: The only road that is closed during the race is West Broadway Ave from 40th Ave N to 42nd Ave N. (Downtown Robbinsdale). This section of road should open around 9:00am. All other roads are open. You may see a parade board at or near your street but that doesn’t mean the road is closed. This means there are runners in the area and to use caution. There should be a race marshal nearby that can move the parade board out of your way.

There is another temporary closure of the off ramps from Highway 100 onto France Ave from approximately 8:30am to 11:00am. If traveling on France, you can get onto Highway 100 from either direction.

Please use caution when on the roads as runners, walkers and wheelchair participants may be around. The race ends at noon at Lakeview Terrace Park. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we try put on this exciting race!

Q: When and where is packet pickup?


Q: When does registration close?

A: Online registration closes Thursday May 15th, 2018 at 11:59 pm.

Q: When will I receive confirmation information?

A: An informational participant guide will be e-mailed to you around the beginning of May. ZapEvent will e-mail you a confirmation when your registration is successfully processed. Please bring an ID and either the printed confirmation from ZapEvent or on a smart-device (smart phone, iPad, etc.) at packet pick up.

Q: Will I receive a shirt?

A: Shirts are guaranteed for all folks who register on or before May 3th. If you register after this date, a shirt is not guaranteed. We will order extra shirts and have them available at packet pickup, but these are first come first serve.

Q: Will I receive a medal?

A: Medals are guaranteed for all folks who register on or before May 3th. If you register after this date, a medal is not guaranteed.

Q: Can I transfer my race entry?

A: No transfers of any kind are allowed. Sorry.

Q: Can a friend/family member pick up my packet/chip packet?

A: It is preferable that you pick up your own packet. But in certain instances we understand that you may be stuck in an exotic location and can’t make it to Birdtown. But, if your friend brings a copy of your ID or your registration confirmation they may pick up your packet. You are ultimately responsible for

your packet.

Q: I registered for one race and want to switch to a different race; is that possible?

A: Yes, it is possible to switch races until April 1, 2018 free of charge. After that a $10 transfer fee will be applied. If transferring up in distance you will be responsible for paying the difference. We will not refund a difference in price if going down in distance. Please contact the race director at on the transfer process. The final date to switch distances is Friday, May 13th.

Q: I cannot run the race anymore - can I get my money back?

A: Sorry, entry fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable. No exceptions. Please keep in mind that we pre-order t-shirts, medals, food, etc. all based on registration numbers. Consider your entry fee a donation to the Robbinsdale Whiz Bang Festival and any other charity we choose to donate to. Thank you for understanding!

Q: Can I wear headphones?

A: Yes, but they are discouraged. Wearing headphones can be a safety issue. But if you can’t run without Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana” we’ll understand. Just be considerate of other runners and pay attention!

Q: Will the course(s) be certified?

A: No. (Yeah, we’re bummed too.) We had to alter our original course based upon construction. We do plan on certifying the course in year two.

Q: Is the race chip timed?

A: Yes. Our race is chip timed by Wayzata Results. Results can be found on their website after the race.

Q: Are the courses wheelchair friendly?

A: The 8K and 4K courses are wheelchair friendly. The half marathon course may be a challenge for wheelchair participants going through Sochacki Park (Pronounced So-Hockey Park). The trail going through the park may be muddy and wet making it difficult to navigate so wheelchairs will not be allowed on the half marathon course. We hope you understand.

Q: Are dogs allowed?

A: Unfortunately because of the limitations of our insurance, dogs are not allowed on the course.

Q: Are pacers provided?

A: Yes, the half marathon is paced! Look for the bright colored shirts and balloons!

Q: Are awards given out to runners?

A: Yes, Cash Prizes to the top overall Male and Female Half Marathon and 8K Finishers.
Age Group Awards to the top Male and Female in each age group for the Half Marathon and 8K.
Age Groups (for the first year): 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70+
All awards are TBD.

Q: What is Birdtown?

A: Birdtown is the nickname for Robbinsdale. It all started…

Q: More questions?

A: Send them to


Ever wonder what the key to a successful race is? A slew of amazing volunteers! Our volunteers embody the spirit of Birdtown (a great attitude, positive vibe and endless smiles) and ensure that our event is a success – from start to finish. Our volunteers are runners and non-runners alike, with a shared passion for helping us execute a flawless event!

Register Here to volunteer for The Birdtown Half Marathon, 8K, 4K and Lil’ Birdie Fun Run:

Each volunteer will receive an awesome T-shirt. Volunteers over the age of 21, will receive a free beer from Robbinsdale’s own Pig Ate My Pizza.

The faster bird gets the worm!

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