Lakeview Terrace Park      •      Robbinsdale, MN      •      May 16, 2015


Sign up now for the May 16th The Birdtown Half Marathon online today.


Find out about sponsorship opportunities with The Birdtown Half Marathon in 2015.

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There are many volunteer opportunities with The Birdtown Half Marathon.

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Who Benefits?

Proceeds from The Birdtown Half Marathon will go to the Heart of Robbinsdale Community Foundation. Founded in 2007, the Heart of Robbinsdale Community Foundation was created with the mission of supporting and enriching the quality of life in Robbinsdale, Minnesota.


We Need Volunteers

We need YOU (and 250 of your closest friends) to volunteer for The Birdtown Half Marathon! We're looking for course marshals, start line and water stop volunteers! Visit the Volunteer page for more information.

The Flock

The Flock is for those fortunate runners that registered for the half marathon last year. More information on The Flock will be available on the new website. Stay tuned!

From the Race Director

Whoa! So I hear everyone is itching to register for The Birdtown Half Marathon for 2015. Well, registration is set to open on January 1, 2015 at 7am CST!
We were very fortunate to fill the race up last year and hopefully we can do it again. The half marathon will be capped at 250, the 8K at 200 and the 4K at 200. The Lil' Birdie Fun Run is unlimited. Let's get those kids active and running!

We are designing a new website but will use this one until it's ready to go. Thank you for your patience!

Some main points to think about:
- The routes will be similar but changing slightly based on construction and feedback from the police and city. The only areas that are changing are near the north side of Crstal Lake and the Lake Drive/France area. Your safety is our first priority! Look for updated routes around February/March.
- Train, train and more training. Staying consistent is one of the best things you can do to accomplish the 4K, 8K and half marathon distances.
- We are planning on providing a pasta feed again this year hosted by Nonna Rosa's in downtown Robbinsdale. You can purchase your tickets while registering. It's so good! Thank you Nonna Rosa's!
- The Flock is in year two. We will have more information on the Flock on our new website. 

Here is the registration link:

Respectfully yours,

Mark Bontrager
Race Director - The Birdtown Half Marathon